Thursday, August 2, 2012

Riding Home Atop the Ferry

Sunday night, we rode home to Mackinac Island on top of the ferry. This is a treat for the girls (and a little extra work for mommy & daddy)!

We arrived in St. Ignace early, so we took a little scenic drive along the shoreline:

You know the horn before departure? This is me laughing at myself after jumping sky high when it blared!

Little sister:

My hubby:

Sunset is a great time to ride the ferry!

However, this is the 8:30pm, ferry. It is past the girls' bedtime and they were tired and silly!

Lots of attempts for a daddy & daughters picture! Can you sense the crazy oozing off these kids?

There we go! Three happy faces!


Playing with Daddy:

He got a workout courtesy of our cuties!

I love our little family :)

The Grand Hotel celebrated her 125th birthday- she's looking great!

Pulling into the harbor:



A new toy courtesy of friends who are moving:

God spoils us!

Location:Mackinac Island