Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Detour Roadside Park

Sunday was the annual baptism and church picnic at Detour Roadside Park. I didn't take pictures of the service (We were late, the battery died in our car and we hadn't noticed the clock was wrong). It's so special to have baptisms in Lake Huron, I was bummed to miss it! We did get to join the picnic afterwards. I didn't take pictures of that either, I just enjoyed it!

It was a cooler day, but Lake Huron was gorgeous!

My youngest took off and went swimming in the middle of "Amazing Grace":

This picture is the result of a delayed response of my phone's camera... it's not what I intended, but I still like it!


Sand! (So much of Huron's coastline is rocky)

A little island:

Stunning clouds:

Blessed :)


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