Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Welcoming Fall

Happy fall!

The big change in our household has been school. We had one start kindergarten the day after Labor Day!

And little sister started preschool last week!

Funny thing- preschool is in the morning, while kindergarten is in the afternoon, so I do three trips to the school. It's a total of 7.5 miles a school day. I call it involuntary exercise and am thankful there's no hill involved.

Here are fall colors from last week!

Looking up Cadotte toward the Grand Hotel:

By the Windermere:

Robinson's Folly:

Marquette Park a week ago today:

Marquette Park today (what a difference 7 days can make!)

More fall colors from today:

Mackinac Art Museum:

The tree by the Windermere today:

The Chippewa put out the fall cornstalks!

Alley next to the school:

Market Street:

Mission Point Resort:

St. Anne's:

Harbor View:

The wake of the ferry Sunday morning:

And this last picture makes me smile!


  1. Is there any place more beautiful than Mackinac Island in the fall? I think not! I cannot wait to visit next year. Don't kids grow up so fast? I hope they like school!

  2. We are headed there next Friday the 19th. Do you think there will still be lots of fall color? Hoping so...coming from FL. No seasons here. :)