Saturday, August 4, 2012

Family Bike Ride Around the Island

Yesterday, the girls and I enjoyed the school playground. It's amazing to play with the Mackinac Bridge in sight!

After work, Daddy joined us and suggested dinner at the Cannonball. This also means "Let's bike around the island" as the Cannonball is on the opposite side. So we did.

We stopped at Devil's Kitchen, and he chivalrously moved the burley to his bike.

I took this picture just past Devil's Kitchen- I love how tangled roots get here!

We made it to the Cannonball and enjoyed chicken tenders, fries, hot dog, and pizza between the four of us. I definitely had a chocolate shake- it was thick and excellent! (I still need to try their famous deep fried pickle.) I love their sign! It's true- the seagulls are a thieving crew!

Here are my Michigan Mittens at the Cannonball! (People share photos of them on the Michigan Mittens Facebook page)

And my Michigan Mittens by British Landing:

Lots of lovely sights as we biked home:

This is Silver Birches. This really old cool property is for sale!

Lake Huron:

The road behind us:

The sun setting:

There a lot of wildflowers along the road! I didn't take pictures where they are most abundant, but here are a few sweet wildflowers:

Arch Rock is one of my favorite spots on Mackinac Island!

The east lakeshore in the shadow of the island:

We figured out (through 4square) that last time we did a family bike ride was last August- we should do this more often!

Location:Mackinac Island


  1. You MUST try the deep fried pickles! They are amazing! Funny thing, (well, not for the woman) when we were there a seagull flew by and took a WHOLE PICKLE from this one woman before she even sat down to eat! LOL! And by the way, I am LOVING your new 'do! Short hair looks great on you! :)

    1. Those seagulls are intense! I will have to try a deep fried pickle (and guard it!)
      Thank you! I had enough to do locks of love and I was ready for short hair again :)

  2. Love the Cannonball! We were able to have a hayride/dinner there when we were on the island back in July. What great service and even better food. Alas, no one tried a deep fried pickle.

    And I am thrilled that I was able to bike around the island 3 times when visiting for a long weekend, and it was at different times of the day each time. The beauty of the Huron, cliffs, homes, everything just astounds me!

    1. It is a gorgeous bike ride! Three times around in one weekend is impressive! I've only done it twice this summer.
      The Cannonball is a treat! I could go for another chocolate milkshake right now!