Sunday, August 5, 2012

Quick Visit to Fort Mackinac

Fort Mackinac is wonderful and deserves more than a quick visit. However, since we are blessed to live on Mackinac Island and able to visit easily, I think it's excusable in our case. My oldest daughter expressed a desire to visit the fort- she loves the Kids Quarters. There wasn't a ton of time before dinner, but we went anyhow!

In the Kids Quarters, there's an awesome training video on marching and proper positioning of your gun. There's a blue screen, so you can see yourself as a soldier on tv. So cool!

My littlest soldier spent a bit of time "training".

Checkers! Big sister understands the basic premise, and little sister pretty much messes the board up... Not the best sister bonding experience in our case.

Another room in the Kids Quarters has a dress up area. She has gotten the "picture pose" down! (It's a fabulous achievement!)

Little sister's picture pose is a little crazy... But still incredibly cute! (We're in the terrible twos)

Gotta love these!

Her big sister is holding her up so she can reach!

I'm obviously biased, but this child is too fun!

We visited the Guardhouse before we left (or, as the girls call it: the dungeon!)

The locked-up damsel role is apparently really fun.

There is SO much more to experience at Fort Mackinac. We didn't even sit through a rifle or cannon demonstration. We spent most of the time in the Kids Quarters (and I only took pictures of a fraction of the things to do there). Even in an hour, the girls had a blast!

Here's the lovely sky on our way home:

Location:Mackinac Island


  1. Oh my goodness, your girls are just precious! My two girls are a couple of years older, but they loved the Kids' Quarters in the fort as well. We were able to spend almost a half a day exploring the whole fort, topped off by an awesome lunch at the Tea Room. They were especially fascinated by the Morse code and how that was used to communicate long ago. That didn't make me feel too old, as Morse code was out of style well before my time. I did, however, feel old when we walked up to the Grand Hotel and they saw the red phone booth with a payphone in it, and they had no idea what either thing was, lol.

    1. My grandpa knew Morse code (Navy radio shack WWII) and we used to ask him to dit dit dah our names. So cool!

      My girls only recognize phone booths from our old Superman cartoons, so they don't understand their true purpose!

      And thank you! I think my girls are precious too :) I've never experienced the tea room, I'm wondering if that would be a good family date sometime!