Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mostly Melted

After so many days with temperatures above freezing, the snow has mostly melted. There's trace evidence of winter here and there.

I biked to the ferry today, and didn't even have to use a sidewalk. (Just yesterday I had to!)

The 2:30pm ferry was pretty full because the visiting basketball teams were leaving. (Congrats to Zhane Nash on crossing her 1000 point career mark today!) The girls and I sat on the lower level. The benches aren't cushioned down there, but it's just fine (especially since today wasn't very cold!) However, it was wavy! The girls loved it. I actually felt a smidge nauseated, which is atypical for me. I think wavy days are fun! It was cool to see waves crash over the windows and spray through the lower door. Here's the view before we pulled out from the dock:

We made it safe to St. Ignace! The girls' 4 yr old friend photo bombed this pic, which I think is too cute! They really enjoyed sitting together!

We picked up some groceries, then arrived at "Gramma's" and the girls helped her make a cake! (My birthday is tomorrow!) My oldest got batter on her nose while licking and I caught the moment of laughter that followed! I win!

There's a 50% chance of snow tomorrow! Perhaps we can snowmobile again next week! Even better, my husband returns at the end of next week! (Two weeks is long!)

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