Thursday, January 10, 2013

For Mackinac Kids

Winter on Mackinac Island is beautiful!

In many ways, it's a stark contrast to summer season. There are very few visitors, so the island is empty and quiet (with the exception of construction projects and snowmobiles). The weather has been in the high 30s during the day- which is not in the best interest of snowmobiling... Yesterday morning the roads were so wet I chose to bike to school for the midday trip.

In the summer there are many things for kids to do. But what about winter when everything is closed? Don't worry! Our community makes sure there are opportunities for Mackinac Island kids!
One program is the library "Peas in a Pod". It is available year round on Wednesdays. After preschool yesterday, I brought my youngest daughter. There is always an activity and a story.
This time featured corn starch and water:

She loved it!

So grateful Mary organizes this!


She read a Berenstain Bears book and the girls all enjoyed it.

There is a great kids section in our library! My daughter loves the puppets (I do too!)

Here's what the island looks like currently:

A path is kept clear from the edge of Mission Point Resort to downtown where the sidewalks are kept clear. This is so helpful for winter walking and biking. When I bike to school I only have to deal with winter roads at the beginning and end of my trip.

Signs like this aren't up during the summer! Snowmobiles can't go too fast!

The past couple days I've snowmobiled in the morning while the roads are still cold, then biked when it's melting.

A US Coast Guard boat passes by Mackinac Island and the Round Island Lighthouse.

I'm not the only biker:

But there are snowmobiles in use too. This in between weather isn't ideal for snowmobiles or bikes. I guess that's part of the adventure?

Yesterday, my girls enjoyed after school programs. Dance meets Wednesdays and Thursdays. My preschooler participated here.

Lots of dancing feet!

My oldest joined the after school sports program. They ended their time with the giant parachute!

There are 4H programs for kids too. And there's also a program that couples stories and activities. And the Mackinac Bible Church does an after school club every year that will probably start up soon. A grant was received that brings yoga to the island on Tuesdays, one session coincides with elementary p.e. The high schoolers recently had a scavenger hunt and chili fries. There may not be many kids on Mackinac Island- but they're not forgotten!
The Mackinac Bridge:

Downtown Mackinac Island:

The sisters teamed up and finished the day with a run!

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