Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lilac Festival Racing and Riding

Today was the Lilac Festival 10k Run. I didn't have someone watching the girls, so I didn't race (pushing the double jogging stroller over six miles didn't sound appealing). But my five year old was excited to run in the "Lil Kids Race," so we signed her up!
The 10k started at the Iroquois, up Mission Hill and the east bluff, then ended on the shoreline with the finish at Mackinac Island Public School. It was busy!

Here the kids listen to instructions for their race. It was advertised as a half mile race but ended up being closer to 100 meters. The kids didn't seem to mind, so that's what counts!

My daughter is in the yellow tie dye shirt. The boy in front of her is just about to fall in this picture- when he did, she politely paused and waited for him to hop back up.

The second heat of the kids run was the eight to twelve year olds. One girl wore a wonder woman cape, which my two year old especially enjoyed. I think she expected the caped girl to fly! She's not in this shot of the leaders. Lots of proud runner parents!

My proud runner!

We biked home, and she wore her medal the whole way:

On the way to catch the ferry, we ended up behind a bride & groom- I love getting glimpses of weddings on the island!

We rode on top of the ferry today- a rare treat for the girls! Daddy is loved:

Goodbye Mackinac Island! We'll be back tomorrow!

We had fun!

It was nice to get pictures of the Mackinac Bridge without a window in between. There's a sailboat approaching if you look closely:

There's a large, interesting ship docked in Mackinaw City. If the girls had been in better moods, it would have been nice to check it out. It looks like it has a cool history:

We had a bonfire in the Les Cheneaux Islands. It was almost 8pm and quite light out:

There were lots of spiders in the grass near the water. Not my favorite creatures, but their webs are amazing:

My two year old mid-storytelling:

The happiest part of a bonfire is S'mores!

A sweet ending to a fun day!

Location:Mackinac Island

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  1. The interesting ship was the Kewatain(spell) out of Saugatuck. It has been docked/beached in Saugatuck for over 50 years. I believe it used to be a cruise ship on the great lakes back in the day. Just recently a Canadain owner bought it, so I had to be towed around the "mitten" to Canada. It's very weird to not see it when you drive by its old resting place. Funny thing is it took several tries to get it unstuck. It was quite the news deal down here. As the pictures and blog!!