Saturday, October 1, 2011

Autumn Fog on Mackinac

Thursday morning was incredibly foggy. I found it lovely and documented my bike ride to the babysitter's before work.
We start at Mission Point Resort, as we live and work here.

The fog is thick:

A carriage is approaching:

Visibility is low, this fog means business!

Lady Liberty's silhouette as she watches the harbor:

Even though I was just below Fort Mackinac, I couldn't make it out.

Can't see very far down the Arnold Line dock:

Even in fog, downtown Mackinac is picturesque!

What skill! I am not this good on a bike yet. I have managed biking one-handed with Phil's garment bag while pulling the girls in the burley, and that was tricksy enough! This gentleman was followed shortly by a second lumber-wielding biker.

Heading up Cadotte:

The golf course:

The Grand Hotel is completely cloaked by fog:

Usually, the Grand Hotel is clearly visible at this point:

I was so focused on snapping pictures, I didn't notice I was still in 2nd and 4th gears uphill until this point.

I stopped for this picture of the Grand Hotel- I love how the flags on the porch gradually disappear into the fog:

View down Cadotte behind me- the bar in the bottom of the picture is the handle of the girls' burley.

I can't help but think of Superman when I pass this antique phone booth!

Some housekeepers on their way to work:

On Market Street:

Downtown Mackinac is still enveloped in fog:

This team of horses pauses:

The Island House opened as a hotel in 1852. When the east and west additions were constructed, extra columns left over from building the Grand Hotel were used- see them on the right?

The Bay View Bed & Breakfast had some marvelous smells of pastry about it! There is a little coffee shop behind the main building that is treasured by many:

St. Anne's Church:

Behind this tree is the Mission Church:

I don't recall ever not being able to see the tower museum from here. It should be just above the birdhouses. Craziness!

Mission Point's Executive Putting Greens (can you see the man and the lawnmower through the fog?)

Some geese on the lawn and the greens. The girls have called them penguins, which I think of whenever I pass geese now and have to smile.

These chairs have a fantastic view of Lake Huron typically, honest!

Mission Point Resort... Well, part of it at least. The fog is hiding things.

The top of the main lobby is hardly visible. Fog is amazing.

And last, but not least, here the cliff referred to as Robinson's Folly ...isn't.

Location:Mackinac Island

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